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Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: A Mixed Review of Bold Storytelling and Disconnected Characters

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 has received mixed reviews from critics.

  • [1], [] states that the season succeeds in making the story and conflict feel bigger, while
  • [2], [] suggests that the decision to focus more on character is welcomed, but ultimately leads to a disconnect between the characters.
  • [3], [] notes that the season is “an accurate one” and that the creator and his team take bold steps in the storytelling.
  • [4], [Sportskeeda] praises the heart and core story of the season, while
  • [5], [] points out that the second season plays a contrasting role to its predecessor.
  • [6], [] states that the politics and warfare of the Viking Age continue in Season 2, and they’re as muddy, bloody, and brutal as ever, and
  • [7], [] claims that the series returns with more action, new challenges, and all the humor and heart that makes it so special.

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  • [8], [] states that while the second season finale of Vikings: Valhalla didn’t feature a big, epic battle like the first season finale did, there were certainly as many casualties.
  • [9], [] gives a summary of Season two introducing new characters Harekr, Mariam, King Yaroslav the Wise and Elena as the Vikings continue their journey beyond Kattegat.
  • [10], [] describes the show as a deep dive into history that doesn’t skimp on the characters or violence, focusing on some of the most legendary figures from the end of the Viking Age.
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